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Thank you for visiting our page, I'd like to tell you a little about what we hope to achieve. Firstly I'd like to set the scene for the walk.

In 1471 Queen Margaret was at last persuaded to return to England to rescue her husband’s throne and son’s inheritance from the Yorkist King Edward IV. The real ‘Game of Thrones’. She landed in Weymouth on the same day that another Lancastrian army, led by Earl Warwick the Kingmaker, was defeated at Barnet. She nearly fled back to France but was persuaded by her son and supporters (The Duke of Somerset and Earl of Devon) that to raise another army and meet up with the Welsh Lancastrians, led by the Tudors, was the best course of action to secure a Lancastrian succession. So she headed to Exeter, gathering troops and funds as she went. Edward IV when he heard of two more Lancastrian armies being raised, recalled his troops and set off from London. He needed to stop the two Lancastrian forces from combining. He nearly caught the Lancastrians at Chipping Sodbury but they gave him the slip after a sharp encounter between the lead elements of each army. Queen Margaret marched her army hard for two days but Edward marched harder and caught up with Margaret at Tewkesbury.  The following morning the Yorkists won the battle. Her son was executed, she spent several years a prisoner and her husband Henry VI was visited in the Tower by Richard of Gloucester, later Richard III,  and
“died of melancholy and pure displeasure” a medieval euphemism if ever there was one. Edward IV was secure on the throne.

I have been putting on armour and hitting other like minded people for 23 years, most of this time depicting The Wars of the Roses. Last year at Tewkesbury Medieval Festival my re-enactment group the British Plate Armour Society knighted me, though this means nothing in real life I was tremendously pleased to be recognised by "The Plate"  This got me thinking about what becoming a knight really meant, to me it meant some form of service.

So to give something back my son and I are going to follow the route taken by the Lancastrians from Weymouth to Tewkesbury a distance of 230 miles. The walk is broken into 8 stages of 24 to 31 miles and we will walk each stage on consecutive Saturdays starting on 24th May to 5th July with the last leg on Thursday 10th July. We will be collecting for eight charities and all funds collected will be equally divided.

I hope you will support our hike

Many thanks

Rob and the team

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    Sunrise, lets make the most of today

  • Rob and Dan Training Walk

    Rob and Dan looking forward to a 11 mile training walk

  • Rob and Dan at Tewkesbury Medieval Festival 2013

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